Phenomenal Experience I had during the weekend

I was so in need of financial assistance during the weekend, I tried getting some work done for my client but we couldn’t agree on a substantial amount of money. Seeing that the salary for the month wasn’t even for my present needs, I turned to God for assistance because there was no other option for me.

I do every possible means to avoid being an inconvenience to people around me. I murmur some prayers to God and I told him that in his mercy, he should cause his face to shine upon me.

In that period, I held on to God so much that I believe that God wasn’t going to leave me stranded. There was no hope yet I was expecting something from God. My heart was so much at peace as though I was financially stable.

Friday was gone yet nothing came fort. On Saturday afternoon I was working in my room, I heard someone open the main gate.

With no sign of interest who it was, I just peep through the window for security πŸ” sake.

Lo and behold, it was my uncle!

I can’t remember the last time I saw him though I do see his post on social media.

I was happy to see him but I didn’t want to show it so I stayed inside my room while the rest of the family were in the sitting room welcoming my him.

Few minutes later, I felt it was right to greet him and show the excitement of seeing him after a long period of time.

I stood up from my bed and I walk slowly toward the sitting room. Immediately he saw me he signed “hmmmmm”

After exchanging pleasantries, he stood and begged to take his leave, mentioning he needed to be in an event as soon as possible

While talking, he dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out money, the rest is history……🀣

Normally average Nigerian could believe it’s normal to receive gifts from family members but to me, it is not normal neither was it a coincidence, it was a divine arrangement from God.

Have ever imagined a friend or a family member that you have not seen over 3 years or more, just stopping by your house to just say Hi?

I am not saying this because I received money but the time, the visitation, the period was all planned by God.

God did a lot of miracles for me this last weekend and none of it was a coincidence it was planned by God.

This is what I am trying to say..

Until you realize the little miracle you receive during the day, you won’t realize that big miracle when it comes, you will still think it’s normal or a coincidence.

Learn to acknowledge God for the miracle you receive, whether they are small or big, tiny or large because appreciation always attracts more blessings to a man.




Whenever I open my notepad, I could always feel the urge to write. There is always something to write about that.

Every aspect of my life seems to be a story that needs to be shared in order to inspire someone to get on his feet.

Most times I am too careful not to write so that I won’t make my private life public

There are times, after writing an article, I either delete ❌ all of it or I dump it in somewhere without posting it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I am having little or no confidence in myself ( defeated that long ago) but because i feel it’s a story that exposes a private part of me, yet need to be heard πŸ‘‚ for edification.

I am privileged to be leading a team of minors and every day I discover a lot of traits from them.

Last week happens to be graduates photography πŸ“Έ day, for those who could be moving πŸ“¦ to the next phase of their lives.

During the photography session, I saw kids who see their self differently from others

I saw the ones with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and those who are so high in believing in themselves and what they are capable of achieving.

Some couldn’t even look up to themselves; their heads were always bowing because of inferiority complex.

Obviously, everyone can’t be the same. No matter how we must have individuals of different caliber in a place; Great, good, Rich, inadequate, nasty, normal, elegant etc.

For some reason, I was so concerned about this category of individuals. I wanted them to see themselves as important as everyone else.

From my seat, I reached out for my phone πŸ“± and decided to take a shot of everyone in that room.

I moved from one block to another trying to take a shot at anyone that cares to. I insisted that some of them join the photograph so that their colorful outfit would bring out the beauty of the pictures.

I achieved my aims because at that moment of taking pictures, they forgot about themselves or what so ever was running through their little minds.

Inferiority complex is frequently traced to abusive or negative childhood experiences, the effects of which can persist well into adulthood.

It’s a multi-layered disorder that mostly has more than one cause. From childhood impacts to encounters as an adult, many experiences can prompt beliefs of inadequacy that affect a person throughout their lifetime.Β 

Most common symptoms in individuals includes;

  • Feeling insecure, incomplete, or shameful.
  • Isolation from everyday activities and social situations.
  • Comparing yourself with others.
  • Feelings of resentment, frustration, uneasiness, or aggression.
  • Insomnia.
  • Inability to complete tasks.
  • Signs of unhappiness, anxiety etc.

Most kids don’t do well academically and socially because of mental health disorders but the amazing part is most parents and families barely know about this.

It’s not all about chastisement, though it’s good πŸ‘ making them feel they are in the cloud ☁️ nine ( feeling excited about who they are) is very important.

Glorious week ahead

Be inspired.

You can create and recreate your Atmosphere

Earlier this morning οŒ… , I stepped out of the house to get some groceries.
I Boarded a bike that would take me to my destination, I felt so lucky and relieved to enjoy the cool breeze that penetrated through my skin.

While I was enjoying myself, I wonder why people think that there is nothing enjoyable in this world .

At least I am privileged to enjoy this wonderful breeze this morning I said to myself.

While still smiling to myself I heard a sound as though something falling into a pothole.

Ah!! It was the bike I boarded!!!οŒ‹οŒ‹οŒ‹

I could not feel that cool breeze again o!! The weather became so hot as a result of my panic.

If It was just a pothole, I could easier let myself out but there was a large sum of water everywhere.

I was so scared  that the bike man could see the fear boldly written on my face .

Oga!! Abeg carry me commit here, I said.
Bike man: madam calm down
Me: Noooo… I dy fear water !!
Bike man: no worry, na me dy ride you, we go commot here now now!
Me: I dy beg you, abeg 

In a second, we were out of it.

I couldn’t describe my feelings if I were to cry or tell the man to stop βœ‹ a bit so I can catch my breath or to continue the journey.

I think I felt a glimpse of peter’s experience in  Matthew 14:28-30.ο˜…ο€€ο€€ο˜ͺ

Omo! If I was in his shoes, I could have fainted ο₯΄ο˜΅ο€―

This is what I learned;

ο”ΈWe can create the atmosphere we want around us.

ο”ΈEven on a sunny day,  the atmosphere can look cool because of the state of your mind.

ο”ΈI believe fear comes when we give in to it.

ο”ΈI also believe when we voice out, help will come a way.


Caption this 😁

I was walking by the roadside, on my way from my workplace, lost in a very interesting conversation with my thought, myself and I, suddenly, someone grabbed my left armed!

I quickly let out a sign of irritation and resentment.

There he was, smiling 😁 so hard at me from a tricycle (keke).

At first, I thought he was drunk 🍻 with wine 🍾 but then, I asked myself, how can a drunkard ride on a busy road like this?

Still staring at him angrily 😑 and confused ❓ as to what could have caused this misunderstanding and embarrassment, I asked; Oga watin?

Man; Enter (still smiling)

Me; you know me πŸ™„?

Man; you nor know me?

Me; I suppose know you?πŸ˜’πŸ₯΄

Man; you know nor ****?

Me; Who????

Man;🧐🧐🧐 (laughing)

Man; enter na

Me; I knor go enter dy go!

Man: But you know ***?

Me: yes! Watin cor happen??πŸ˜•πŸ˜£

Man; Just enter make I carry you

Me; No thank you! 😑😠

After the brief conversation, I noticed he knew me through a relative.

But wait for o, knowing me doesn’t just warrant you to just drag me up and down in a busy road na. It’s was quite awkward.

Before then, I wanted to get a tricycle because the weather β˜€οΈ was so hot, but after the incident, I lost every desire to board a kekeπŸ˜† so that someone will not slap me thinking it’s his distance relatives.

This is my point;

helping people shouldn’t be displayed awkwardly.

If he has just stopped ahead of me and with just a smile just say u can enter, I wouldn’t mind then maybe when I enter that is when he could have introduced himself but no! He decided to pull my arms into a moving kekeπŸ˜‚πŸ€£.

Guys, it’s good we learn a great sense of humor and how to approach people. They can be strangers or even our friends.

Your first approach to people speaks vastly of your kind of person.

Never take your first encounter with people for granted and if you have dragged someone’s arm into Keke before πŸ˜ƒπŸ™‚πŸ˜‚, pls repent!


Generosity is a virtue

” I am not touching any of it,

no matter the sermon! I won’t,

for once, let me just pretend as thou I am not here! “

This was the fight between myself and I.

I was earlier πŸ•’ than usual at work yesterday, when I got to my place work, I saw some work, that was supposed to be executed by my co-staffs undone.

with my voice lifted 😩and the echo of my voice resounding back to me as if I am the one crying in the wildernessπŸ˜“, I said
” I am not going to lay a finger on this work!”

” I am going to pretend I didn’t see any of this!”

am just going to focus on my work for now!

after affirming that, I sat at my corner, trying to get some work done.

my mind flashes back to the heap of work that awaits my co-workers if they didn’t resume on time, I assured myself that they could step in very soon.

the funny πŸ˜„ thing was, I even called my name and I said to myself; ” Onos, you are not going to touch any of it”

after making that proclamation, πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί I stood up and I tried to see how I could be of help to them.

after the whole task was done, I reflected on my decision to help out and I was glad I obeyed.

there was no reward attached to it, neither was I waiting for anyone to appreciate me, I was just glad I was able to help someone today.

helping people does not always come with giving them money, it can come with rendering services to them, engaging in healthy conversation. etc

Generosity is a virtue and is known for the good you do is better than being categorized as the other way round.

you meant not get a reward but know that it will surely make people create a peculiar image about you.

having a good attitude is better than having a bad one. sometimes people who think they help people “too much” try to force themselves to stop 🚫 being Good.

see, people may not appreciate you for being kind but the moment you display an awful character, you will then know that people have been watching and noticing your behavior.

A good name [earned by honorable behavior, godly wisdom, moral courage, and personal integrity] is more desirable than great riches; And favor is better than silver and gold.
Proverbs 22:1 AMP

Thank you for loving me

Loving someone has never been the problem but earning their trust has always been a journey that has no end especially for those who have survived several heartbreaks and betrayal.
You can choose to love someone but by trusting them? they will have to earn it.

It’s amazing how Christ loved us even without trusting us. If he had waited to earn our trust before dying for us, our generation could have been wiped out.

Scriptures say, why we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

His love remains genuine and authentic. Even while we failed severally, he still loved us.

While you celebrate this beautiful day with your loved ones, take time to appreciate God for his undying love for mankind.

Remember when you receive his life? How many years has it been? 2,3,7,10? It does matters.

Take time to celebrate this day with your first love 
#iam a preacher of love ο˜ƒ
#valentinegift #feb14 #godkindoflove

What’s on your mind?

For some minutes, I kept stirring at my phone screen, thinking of where to start my writing from.

I could open and close my #linkedit, open and reclose.  moving from WhatsApp to Facebook, from phone notepad back to WordPress, thinking of the platform to drop my writeup.

I wasn’t sure where to start from but I was sure I am ready to inspire someone out there.

A lot of people planned their #2022goals, the year is going as planned for some while it has been rough for others.

some have gotten new #jobapportunity, #newskillsenewskills, etc while others are trusting God for their day to be brightened with goodness.

January is gone and we are in the second month in the year 2022.

Ton of folks are under pressure because of other people’s success stories and achievements.

they can’t seem to get their hands on that thing that could make them productive.

failures are meant to make us see a better version. A man is said to be a failure the moment he stops trying.
Not succeeding once doesn’t mean you will not succeed if you try again.

learn from your previous mistake, it will give you an edge when you about approaching that project again.

know what you need to put in place for that project to be a success.

Learn new skills

Read books concerning that project

Enroll in online classes. (paid and free)
Commit Your plan to God.

don’t be discouraged.
I see light at the end of the tunnel ο’‘ 
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I am +1 Today!

If love was the longest and most difficult letter in the world, I can surely say, it was well spelled today.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’―

Earlier this morning, I was so nervous and at the same delighted to see what my big day has for me.πŸ‘€πŸ™

I had a mixed feeling and I think πŸ€” that is what they refer to as ‘butterfly in my belle’ πŸ¦‹ because I was expecting a lot of things.

While posting my pictures this morning I couldn’t express myself, even after the ‘epistle’ I have arranged on my head.

I typed, deleted ❌, and retyped to see the one that would fit in but I couldn’t come out with a better word of saying How much I am grateful to God for this day.

I guess that is what people refer to as ” a testimony that looks like a lie”.

I can boldly say that God has blessed me with amazing friends, both online and offline, home and abroad.

Hey, just know that I am not taking this love for granted, I love and cherish this moment in my heart.

Thanks for the calls, the text messages, the video calls, the prayers, the gifts, etc thou I almost got chocked while eating spicy food but I guess it’s part of the celebration πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me



The Act of praises😁😁🎊

I want to wish everyone a happy new year!

I am so happy that we all made it to the new year. It gladdens my heart to be here in this wonderful season.

It’s just the beginning of the new year. I see greatness everywhere. One thing that gives me great confidence that 2022 will be a wonderful year, is the garment of praise that God has clothed me with.

Since the year began, I tend to see myself either hamming a song or dancing without no music 🎢

Yesterday, while coming from a short visit, I decided not to take a cab home I was enjoying the evening weather. While strolling down the road,I could hear in my spirit the sound of praises, I could feel that praise atmosphere surrounding me that I couldn’t help myself but to join in celebrating God.

I was so lost in what I was doing that I didn’t know when I got to my neighborhood, it was so fast that i wondered if I disappeared πŸ˜‚

I perceive so strong in my spirit that God is doing something this season that even if my physical eyes couldn’t see it, my spirit has seen it and that joy is what is triggering the praise sensation around me.

This is what I am trying to say,

I know that your breakthrough is here, but the devil won’t just rest without a fight. See, don’t worry, just praise!,

just praise!

I mean it when I said “just praise God” You know why??

Because, praises is a sign of victory, just as a song minister said’ we can war through dancing, shouting, lifting up of hands πŸ™Œ, praying, laughing etc. If you are still doubting me then see for yourself(Joshua 6:1-21) (2 Chronicles 20)

Praise is clearly a strong and vital instrument. It transforms us for the better by refocusing our feelings, realigning our emphases, and renewing our essences.

Finally, brethren,

Do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything [every circumstance and situation] by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, continue to make your [specific] requests known to God. And the peace of God [that peace which reassures the heart, that peace] which transcends all understanding, [that peace which] stands guard over your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus [is yours].
Philippians 4:6‭-‬7 AMP


God got it figured out!

Yes! He does!

It doesn’t matter how the cloud of trouble looks like,
No matter the situation on the ground,
Be of good cheers, for God got it figured out

Never give in to the deceit of men
Don’t listen to the counsel of the ungodly
Regard not the wisdom of sodom,
For they are foolishness in the sight of God

Say no to corruptible companies
Rather surround yourself with men that are on fire
For, it’s better to burn for God than to be cold for the devil

Friend to the world means enmity with God
Stand for the truth,
Because it’s better to die as an honorable man than to live a worthless life.

In life, there are times and seasons for everything yet, pray that the God of heaven will help you discern the right time to move forward.

Soldier of Christ, men, and brethren of wisdom,
Don’t be weary, don’t faint, don’t give because
God is not a man that he should lie.
As he did not said it?
Will he not do it?
Hold on a little longer cause,
God got it figured it