Stay put, God has a Reason for Placing you Onos Oghate.

The human body is made up of various parts, yet they all work together to fulfil a goal without any interference.

Just as the eyes is for sight, the nose is for perceiving and the ear for hearing Etc. So is every believer in Christ. We are many member but one body in Christ.

Functioning effectively in the place which Christ has place you is what make you a success in life. Many people do live other people’s life, take up other people’s God given mandate, neglecting the mandate of God for their live. Why? Just for the fact that they think they can function better there. Some even say, I have the talent to function better in it.

Don’t you know what you called an advantage is a disadvantage in the sight of God?

If God could raise unlearned, insignificant men (neglecting priests, princes and nobles) to preach the gospel, made them a voice that echoes from generations to generations and placed them at the center of attraction and attention in the world, do you still think that your talent is a determinant of God’s mandate for your life? Do you still think it is an advantage?

Leaving the place designed for you and trying to live other people’s life is like staying in a room without an oxygen. Staying there could only cause you nothing but danger. Now, don’t be swayed off. Danger here may not be physical most times. It is spiritual.

I wonder how it will be, if on Earth, you are doing that which the father has not sent you fervently, men commending you while some ignorantly covet the grace at work in you but in heaven you didn’t live at all.

That when your profile is being checked, it’s so blank. How great is your tears on that one and final day?

Hear me now,
Never think you are born to replace someone
Never think that someone’s position could suit you better than the person placed there.

Never think you are born without a purpose.

Always see yourself as the original of what God has designed without any photocopy.

Always see yourself the way God sees you.
Stay put and learn the way to succeed in the place where He has placed you.
Learn from the one who has called you to himself.

Don’t take shortcut to fulfilling divine assignment, rather follow every instructions given, because they will guide you to fulfilment of destiny.

Stay focus, keep your gaze at the author and the finisher of your faith. You don’t have to be distracted, for it is one of the things that will make you lose focus.

Remember, success in eternity is not determined by earthly prosperity, it is by finding what God want and doing it.

Stay true, stay put, stay alive, stay in God, for the thought which he has for you are of good and not of evil, so he can achieve his preordained expected end. [Selah]

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Onos, called to be a servant of Jesus Christ through the will of God. Grace be unto to you, and peace from God the Father, the Son and the holy Spirit.

First, I thank God through Jesus Christ for you all, that you have held on to God till now, that in trials and struggles of life, you never try to make it out your own way.

I beseech you therefore brethren that ye keep searching and pressing into God in thy everyday life.

Though it might look as though he is not there sometimes. Never stop because ye are close in finding him. For whoever seek shall surely find.

Brethren, I write to you not because I count myself to have apprehended nor as though I have already gotten the whole of God but to encourage thee to keep pressing up toward the mark of the high calling.

Our search for God is eternal. We will keep searching until we get the whole of him.

Daily as we search for him we begin to see him little by little in different level and more clearer dimension because man can’t get the whole of him in his whole life. Even after we have being raptured with him, the search to know him more will still continue.

Let us therefore never stop seeking God because the dimensions he showed us today is not as the same he would love to show us tomorrow. The more you search for, the more he reveals himself. ACTS 17:27

He has never hidden himself from anyone, in fact he made himself visible as possible that everything around you see, live, breathe and speak by his steadfast love.

The Air reflect His invisibility, you can’t see it but eventually it’s what sustain every living creature and without it, such a being could be consider to be dead.

Everything God has created scream God’s wonders so loud. Even when you think you can’t trace him nor feel him, keep pressing in him because he is closer than the closest thing you can see.

The search for the living God is a life time search, our journey and life is to keep searching until we find him and even after we’ve found him, we will keep on searching him in him.

Believe me, as we search, we will definitely find him and from there marks the beginning of our changing. For we will see him in 3D as in a mirror, beholding his glory and his ways will become open to us, that we may journey in him.

Just as his mercy are new every morning same also is his glory. In fact, everything about God is new every morning. There is no end to his glory and reign neither is there an end to his personality.

Beloved, with thy heart full of love, let thy hunger, longing and desire be proven and established in and by the word of God. Let thy longing and search for him not be for thy selfish interest but seek God’s interest first in all you do.

For as you do this, thou are seeking his kingdom and his righteousness. And don’t forget he is the reason for thy existence.

Therefore my brethren, keep searching, for deep calleth unto deep and depth unto depth. Stay in God. Never be discourage. You might find him today. And after ye have find him, join men of love to seek him till eternity.

Peace be unto thee and love with faith from God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
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Think of these things by Oghate E . Onos

Lonesome I sat in a corner of my room, pondering on the sounds of worship. So flows to me the breeze that fills you now, bidding us to come, reason with the Spirit of Truth. *What if the holy spirit was really our thought, will we really be allowed or able to think of the things we are thinking now?🤔 _

if the holy spirit come as a being physically and held us by our hands to guide us in our every day activities, will he really bring us into some certain place that we go?_

_What if the holy spirit was really in control of our mouth, will he allow us to utter some words from our mouth?_

_What if he was our imagination, will he be part of those things we kept thinking of?

If truly the holy spirit is ordering your footsteps, is He the one that led you to that place you don’t want others to hear about?*

*If really the holy spirit was a physical being watching you every second, do you think he could let you sleep all through the night without waking you
up for a communion with him?*

I’m just being curious about things. As it baffles me, so I am asking you. The things you find yourself doing, is it really the leading of the holy spirit? Were they the biddings and the dictates of the Spirit? _

If we should ask the holy spirit about your recent activities, will he affirm He was the one who led you into certain things you do or will he say you did all you did without him?_

*Brethren, we need to ask ourselves a lot of questions that will retrace, set and keep us on the right path.*

I tell you brethren, if the things we are doing were not orchestrated and sponsored the holy spirit then we are doing our own business and as well deviating from the ancient landmark laid by God himself. _

The songs you sing or listen to, are they inspired by the holy spirit, are they edifying or you felt its a good vibes for the soul?_

_If you could have a communion with him, will he remark he is very pleased with your decisions, actions and approach towards the things of God?_

*Hearken to me, men of wisdom and understanding. No matter how you want to design it or make it seem nice, if the holy spirit won’t be pleased with it then it doesn’t worth it.*

It doesn’t matter how you want to dress it, as far it doesn’t please God, it is not worth trying. The same way a mother wants the best for her child. That is the same way the holy spirit want the best for us. This is the truth that seems unfair. Let’s even think of this. _

The day we came into God, our lives were no longer ours rather it belongs to God.Hence, it will be more appropriate if the owner is the one who takes the lead. Jesus speaking in Matthew 11:29-30, beseeching us, “take my yoke upon you…” because his yoke is capable of bending, making and molding us to the image of the Father.

_It shape us and gives directions clearly and accurately. So if we won’t take the yoke there is no way we will walk or be with the Father._

*This is a salient matter which is tied to our growth. Jesus also speaking in John 16:13 to his disciples, said, “when he, the Spirit of truth, has come, he will teach us all things and guide us into all truth.” He has come yet we seems to remain in oblivion because when he offer to direct us, we decided to follow our own way.

*If the holy spirit really deal with many of us, he will makes us better people, whose growth with God will be rapid and we will have an unending fellowship with the Father

.* One of the prayers that we shouldn’t cease praying is the prayer of Paul (Acts 9:6), that God should always help and compel us in his love, to do what he will have us do, no matter what. Pounder on this.
Let us pray..

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We hoped and prayed that in no time soon this epidemic could be over and we could get back to our lives again. The day we heard about it was like yesterday but without doubt it is more than one month in Nigeria (not to take about other countries that are most effected.Everything that has to do with physical connection, contact and interaction has been suspended including anticipated programs and event that will impact life and most times make one generate income. No body want to hear anything that has to do with physical connect because everyone is trying to keep themselves and their love one’s self.

It’s so certain that its either you obey the law at this time or you face the consequences of disobedience. because It’s so obvious that we are not scared even as believes but just as wise Samuel said to Saul “to obey is better than sacrifices” (1samuel 15:22) hence we stay put to pray and stay safe.

Thou there are negative impact of this quarantine in the world today but out of this negativity this is a great privilege to explore a lot of things at home.You being going to your various businesses as early as 6am before the pandemic and maybe come back from your place of work by 7pm or more worn-out and now since these last few months you been walking up, eating, watching TV and sleeping again.

This has been some people’s daily life since this quarantine period.There are a lot of things to do during this period, in fact a lot of things to do without disobeying the anybody.You have been complaining that there is no time to do the things you want to do because of schooling, work, businesses etc. but here comes a lot of opportunity to do all you have wished to do if you were giving one month to do anything you want to do.

This is almost 3 months in Nigeria we being told to stay indoors, how about other countries that has being facing this challenge since last year? What have they been doing? How have they been coping, especially those who can’t stay in one place for a whole day?

I had a chance to put in for a professional course since last year, but distance, time and a lot of schedule couldn’t make me to attend a single class, those hosting the course could call me to see if I can make it to the next class, I could promise to be there but still I could fail attending the class. However, I made good use of this present situation, I started the class online, writing my test and even my examinations could be done online. See? What I couldn’t achieve before, I was even thinking my money is lost already but now at my own pace I can decide to go online to study and get my certificate.

No matter your profession, this is the best time to add to your virtue, don’t wait for this quarantine period to be over before you pick up your book to read again, get PDF materials to get yourself prepared for the future.Are you a commercial person and your business is suffering because of the lock down? Go into the social media network like Facebook and WhatsApp and advertise your products.

There are ton of businesses you can do online that can fetch your income (legal). Learning how to make 3d logo designs with your smart phone, you don’t need to pay any one money to learn it, just go to YouTube and browse how to get this done.

learn how to write copy writing and get client from your contact. Make videos of your products and let others watch them on YouTube and another platform. there is a load of skill to learn this period, even if you won’t earn money with them now, when everything is back to normal you could see the use of it etc.

Notwithstanding, build your spiritual being with the word and prayer, if you feel like you can’t do it alone, just call friends of like minds and go for an online retreat, fix the time, learn the word on social media etc.

This period could only be boring and less impacting if we fail to maximize this opportunity for this period. Don’t just sit and wait for this period to be over, get inspired and add this period to your success stories.

Get busy today!

No more excuses!

This too shall pass!

It will end in praise!

Be inspired!

The storm is over By Oghate.E. Onos

Man’s journey on Earth is filled with one turbulence or the other. And every of this turbulence is to take away one’s gaze from God.

 *It is to take away man from the secret place of learning, communion and eternal love. To take man out of prayer and flush every remnant of prayer out of man.*

*It’s just a mere distraction. Every storm may seems real but they are not.*

 They are nothing but mere distraction.

Most storms that we experience in our lives seems as though we can’t pull through. Just because, 

*we give issues of life attention and by so, we are blind to the victory we have in Jesus.*

Don’t you know that in this kingdom we are, what we see and who we behold is the constructor of what and who we become?

 Have you not read in scripture that they look unto him and they were not ashamed? In other words, as they behold him, they were not put to shame, not disappointed, they were victorious. 

*So I put it to you today, beyond that storm, who do you see?  What do you see?*

As for me, I see no one else but Christ and nothing else do I see in him than victory. That is the reality that is eternally real. You can’t continually and consistently see defeat and expect victory?

 *You only travel far in the physical based on the kilometers your spirit can comprehend in the spiritual.* 

Many Christians are drown in storms today all because they still don’t believe God is with them, even in those hard times. At the moment unbelief set into a man, it brings fear. Fear is an offshoot of unbelief.

*Fear can make one lose his inheritance, capable of taking the best out of one’s life.* Haven’t you heard that when you walk through the fire, I will be there. Fear not… “I am with you till the end of Earth”. As a son of the great monarch, declare boldly the son of whom u are, say to that pain, “It’s over in the name of Jesus.” Command that storm to cease in the name of Jesus. Declare an end to that sickness, that trouble, disappointment, that nightmare, that you have victory in Jesus. 

*No matter how minute it might look, no matter how difficult life may seems, no matter how terrible you think your life has been.*


Always remember that his hands are not too short to hold you through it all, neither is his ears too short to hear when you call. He promised to be by your side, and he will always be present even in time of your needs.

*You only need to focus on Jesus.*

Peter, after Jesus walked on water, knew he could do the same since Jesus was there with him. Just immediately Jesus bid him to come, he wavered not, instead he cast his gaze upon Jesus and followed him, but the moment he looked away, the unexpected surface.

 That storm is just seeking your attention, the more you give him attention, the more you go down and drown.

*God called those things that were not as though they were, he called out those things seen out of the unseen. He called forth light out of darkness.*

He’s still in the business of calling forth victory out of defeat. You only need to focus on him. 

Human being has two pairs of eyes. 

It’s so much impossible for one eye to look downward and the other eye upward. No! Let your two eyes, one mind and one spirit be fixed on Jesus. Who you behold is who you become. 

*The best way to resist the Devil is to put your whole gaze on Jesus.*

Looking unto and into him. Having your mind fixed on him alone 

Take everything to God in prayer. 

*Talk to him as though you’re discussing with your lover. Have a constant rapport with him.*

 *Go on date (fasting and prayer) with him. He’s the Father of lov remember.*

*You don’t get to access the 3D view of God if you’re afar off. The 3D view is only accessible to those that are near.* 

In case you don’t know what I talk about, am telling you to come to the Father through the Son. Make Jesus your Lord and master.

 *I present to you the Father of Love (John3:16). God couldn’t hide his feelings from you and I, he had to send his only son to die for us.*

 You can’t get the best life outside God, even if you think you are living all right, I tell you, you haven’t see what God has in stock for you. Eyes has not seen, nor ear heard it, nor has it gotten into the heart of men, What he has for you.

Jesus loves you. All you have to do is believe and allow Jesus to come into your life and you will never be the same again.


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Celebrating greatness (OUR TESTIMONY)  happy birthday to myself and my lovely twin sister. 

I remember the things the Lord has done for us, I am not ignorant of the things He is doing for us and I will forever be grateful for the things He is about to do in our life. Our story can never be complete without God… He has been a Convant keeping God,  right from childhood he has been preserving us, even until now. 

The lord has completed our joy… He has never failed us nor has he let us down….many twin along the race of life lost their pairs, we are not greater than them all but by His grace, God showed us mercy. 

Thou we are separated by distance we are forever together in the spirit, for the spirit supersede the physical. 

Brethren it’s our sliver jubilee today and we are celebrating God’s goodness in our life. Join us to say thank u to our maker who maketh all things good in his time. 

Happy birthday to onovwede

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