In the beginning, obedience birthed great and mighty things we see in our vicinity today. The likes of the sun, the moon, the stars, plants and even the firmaments. God called those things that were not as though they were. The stunning part was that all things that were called obeyed and came out as they were being called. All to the glory of his Holy name.

Here is my concern, why do believers finds it hard to obey God’s word? If nature could obey him and all other things which were, are and would not be, in his image could obey him, why are we not obedient to the word of God? 

The Seventy in Luke10:17, at their arrival made a statement, “…Lord, even the demons obey us when we use your name!” In other words, the demons had regards for Jesus’ name and being a name that symbolizes authority and Dominion, of which they have the full knowledge of that, they had no option than to obey.

Yea, you may be saying, “he’s God, they have no other choice than to respond positively to him.” But may I ask you, should we now say God does not have dominion over men as he do over demons? Capital NO! 

Okie, you want to say, God gave man the freedom of choice. Do you know that the freedom of choice was not for our selfish interest? The freedom of choice was not given to humanity that we may go against his will and desire. It was given for the purpose of his kingdom.

Beloved, the word of God must be obeyed strictly. The true test that we are of God is when we do his word. Doing his word is being an incarnate of his word. It is doing what his word would do. I talk of the personality of Jesus, who also is the word of the Father.

Beloved, If men will fit-in into the agenda of God for their lives, it will be on the ladder of obedience to the dictates of the Spirit.

… It’s the season to seek the LORD…

Sincerity: A Virtue of the Holy God By Olowomeye F. Boluwaji

This one thing bothers me so much…

In the west corner of my room I sat meditating. Suddenly, the memory of the last program I went came unto me. How men prayed with all vigor. How that men prayed ceaselessly, panting and sweating profusely. And I concluded, the best place to be is the place of prayer.

However, this words kept me in awe. The reason God seems unreal to humanity is not because we don’t pray. It’s just as a result of our insincerity towards his word.

Prayer is a communication between divinity and humanity. It involves you pouring yourself unto God and him pouring himself into you.

 A Father to son communication. A communion which birth strength and help in man. However, when help is not granted after prayer, should we say God is unjust? No! We are to be asked if we are really sincere to God in place of communion. 

God is just and he told us how to approach him through his inspired man, Paul. “So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it.” (Hebs 4vs16 NLT). Why is it that we often feel more helpless after claiming to have prayed? After we’ve come to his gracious throne? Who did this to us?

God speaks always. Only that we are to submit ourselves under his mighty power (Holy Spirit). Being humbled under him is releasing ourselves to be led by the spirit. For all God has in mind he reveals to us via his spirit (1Cor 2vs10-11). 

So our ability to submit to his power which is the Spirit of purity, our great help, that he might show us and direct our path in life. Our sincerity to God is seen when we allow the word of God to prevail over our desires by yielding to his leading. 

Until a man is led by the Spirit, he can’t walk in the Spirit. Being led by the spirit presupposes walking in the Spirit.
You can’t be led by whom you’ve not submitted to. And the true test of your submissiveness to the spirit is you being led by the Spirit.

What does it mean to be led?

The word led is in its past participle form. In other words, in a perfected form. The action has been perfected. In short, to be led is to have heard an instruction and followed the instruction as given by the instructor. 

You can’t go to God and come back empty except for this three reasons. Firstly, whenever you as a being prayed to God with a veiled face. Having your spirit clouded with the false knowledge about God. Secondly, whenever you pray to God and deafened your ears to his instructions.

 You heard him yet pretended not to have heard him because his will is not in accordance to your will. What he’s saying is contradictory to what you’ve settled for in you heart. And lastly, impatient to hear from him after we had poured our heart to him. It is called communication, it involves a sender and a receiver and feedback is key in every communication.

 Without feedback, communication is incomplete or should I say inconclusive #lolest lol#.

Beloved, It’s true that we went to God in prayer but our insincerity comes in when we refuse to yield to his words, instructions, dictates etc. 

Let me hint you on this, God has called us into a kingdom of responsibility and only the sons could bare this responsibility because they’ve been under tutelage and has grown from being child to son thereby becoming the responsible heir. Having the courage, agility, strength to cry “Abba Father!” This is a love affair, relate to God with all sincerity.

 Pour out yourself into him and wait till he pours himself into you. Do this and stay joy-filled, enjoying your communion with your Father. 

… It’s the season to seek the LORD…

The seasoned season by oghate onos

I​t is December, it’s end of the year, which is also always a festive period. It is the most wonderful time of the year. The happiest season  of all, filled with merriments and Carol songs. As lovely and beautiful the season is, something is missing and to find it, we must ask ourselves the big question, “ are we living a purposeful life(living according To God will) or just live because we exist in the world?

No man know when the lord  will come to take his people, nevertheless he gave us reference in his Holy word that just  as  it happened in the days of Noah, it will repeat itself. 

In the days of Noah, he preached all kind of sermon just for the people to turn away from their evil way. He went from one place to another, preaching salvation to every man(female inclusive) but none yield to his words. They were  all entangled in sin, which held them down. 

This season is not the season of Party, neither is it the season of changing wardrobes…. It’s the season of reflecting on ourselves to see if we are living according to the reason for the season(Jesus). It is also to check ourselves if we are in line with season intentions. 

Yes, brother, yes, you are in line with the reason why this season is celebrated, then it is best you ask God for mercy, that the reason for the season will be a reality to you. Many Noah exists from generation to generation preaching this same gospel of repentance, that men would come into the light of this season. Nevertheless some has subscribe to posting their salvation from each season to another. When will the reality of this season be real to you?

Don’t be clouded with activities of this season because in the real sense of it, they are nothing without the reason for the season.

 In fact, this is the season where men can access the reality of the birth of Christ. In this season knowing him is easier because every area talks about him either indirectly or directly.

What a pity? Many are dancing their destiny out in club houses when they ought to be having a date with the season owner(God). The men in Noah’s generation never knew what would befall them because they were busy cooking, drinking and getting drunk, until reality hit them so hard.

I was having a discussion with my sibling and she made a statement that sounds multiple alarms in my head, she said, “who knows? The day the lord will call his people might be festive period, because men seems to be less concern about the things of God and are more concerns with fleshly activities, and men may seems to loosen themselves and tends to enjoy themselves since it is ones in a while activites….”

In Matthew 2:1-19 because of the birth of Jesus, men had strange encounters with Angelic beings. How much more when we now are  living by grace? We ought to enjoy more of those encounters, even greater ones in seasons like this. Being blessed by encounters that will reveal the dimension of who he is. Encounters that will make us know him more by birthing a great hunger and fire in us for the living God. I talk of encounters that will reveal his persons to us , oh my God! Wait, Is it that God is not set to encounter us? No! It’s all because we couldn’t appear before him as sons, we aren’t consistent in seeking him and so many you can mention. 

God is ever ready to pour himself in us and fill us up but we are the ones who needed to pants for the living God more than the ordinary.

I want to beseech everyone who has not live for the one reason while He(JESUS) came to this world, that they all ask the lord for mercy to live a purposeful live, lest the lord meet you unprepared “ for as it were in the days of Noah, so will the coming of the son of man” YOU ! I mean YOU might be the one the lord is waiting for. Hoping you will enter into the ark of salvation before he shut the ark door .

Beloved, don’t ever think you are too small or irrelevant. In the kingom of God, everyone is relevance hence this is your time, season and moment….tomorrow might be too late. GET GOD THIS CHRISTMAS! 


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Are you one of those in need of the touch of God desperately and positively but your wood has been cracked yet you don’t know?

Are you one of those who sleeps at the lap of Delilah but eagerly and joyfully desire to wake up at the bosom of Abraham? Hope you know our God can never be mocked or deceived?

It will be a costly assumption if a man thinks he is still standing with and in God but has been disconnected from the Divinity.

If the light you think you have is really darkness, how deep that darkness will be!”-Matthew6vs23b NLT.

Your wood has cracked for a very long time and no steps has been taken toward restoration? What a menace are you? 

When a craftsman is set for a craftwork, he goes for the best of the wood, in order to bring out his desired design with ease. He is aware that his choice of wood will determine the beauty and lastisity of the design. However, if the wood got cracked, it may not be fit for the work he desired. Though in the real sense of it, men do say such wood is of no use anymore but to be put to fire. But if we are to ask, how can we make some fire without wood?

 So in one way, they may not be serving the purpose of the craftman but they are serving a purpose as well. So I tell you, if your wood be cracked, it often leads to change of purpose.

What or who is the wood cracker?

Permit me to just mention disobedience. You remember Adam and Eve, the moment they disobeyed God, their wood cracked. Immediately they are cut off from the presence of the divinity (Eden). 

 I am sure you know Brother Samson, Ven. Gehazi and Prophet Saul? Think on these great giants whose purpose were hijacked because of disobedience. 

Darling come, let me shock you. Do you know your wood can also cracked when you compromise your standard for God at the expense of pleasing men(male and female)? You live in pride, unforgiveness, malice, envy and so many others you can think of. 

All this can be hindrance to the move of God in your life. Causing you to be surrounded with wonders but never be a wonder. Surrounded by the supernatural yet remain natural! May it not be heard that you are wasting away. 

We all desire the touch of God, but are we available for the touch of God? Things of the Spirit becomes burdensome, going to programs that holds great encounter for you and your generation becomes so lengthy but you can stay up at night on whatsApp and other social media… God will help you o. 

Goodnews! I tell you, God is not giving up on you. Just come to him. Just as Apostle Paul was encountered, which led to his conversion and he gained more grounds for God, though in time past, was pursuing passionately the wrong course. He once had a drift in his purpose but was encountered by Christ and there was restoration. Behold, God is set to touch you.

Therefore, beloved, it is high time we stay closely to God, having our eyes set on him keenly as he transform us into his own image.

Jesus, until our only gaze is you, let your spirit keep brooding over us, till we look more like you!- My heart cry! 



For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

(John 3vs 16)

The love Christ showed unto us was not to be received only but also to be reciprocated. It is a commandment, not just his will and desire, in order words the Bible showed us how Christ came to save us even while we were yet sinner, when we were nothing, Christ died for us. 

The state at which we were when Jesus came for us was very bad that even things created by God could have being classified as important than us. All this because we were missing out of God’s plan and purpose of creating us. In other words, we were robbed of our right and our life was full of dirt and stain. Scripture made us know that God is LIGHT and he has no agreement with darkness. Hence, only those who are like him, in his image,those filled with light can approach him.

 So for man not to glory in himself, he came when there was no value in us lest we glory in ourselves. He came that men could come boldly to God as sons not as slaves. We being nothing he came to made us something, in our darkness he became our light, in our sorrow he became our joy, in our sickness he became our health, in our suffering he became our riches, In our bondage he became our salvation, his death was life to us, his pains where healing to our body, his tears were celebration and joy unto us. 

He took us from our shame and guilt and brought us to his glory (THAT WE MAY GLORY IN HIM ALONE). All these are to show us that God was never after men that are qualified rather he was after men that are unqualified, who are willing and obedience to God in order to be qualified “THAT MEN MAY NOT GLORY  IN THEMSELVES”.
“Even  so  it is not the will of your father which is in heaven, that  one of these little ones should perish.”(Matthew 18:14)

It’s time to come into the light , if the means of getting saved is like getting a qualification in our era then many couldn’t have attain it because the process could be so long and ethic. Many could even waste their entire earning  and life on it and yet may not  attain it, but God has given us free, scripture says “ freely has ye received………”

salvation has appear to all men ,no man has excuse of not hearing of this, hence, he is beckoning on men , women , girls, boys, children, youth,  old to come into the light of him.

No matter how small you may think you are , you are needed ,you are  relevant , you are important in the kingdom of God, your existence will only be meaningful when you are living in God, every other reason for living is secondary.  He is waiting for you to receive him, he is ready to make your body his dwelling place, don’t think you have gone too far, in fact 


Beloved, the reason for this season can only be Christ. Outside the Christ there is no need for this season. Get Christ this Christmas and let others get him through you.

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